It’s all about response

As a quantitative researcher or a consultant interested in what people want to say, you are always searching for the highest response, while maintaining quality and relevance.

As experienced supporters of researchers, we at Respondage strive just for this: optimal response.

We are proud to be a LimeSurvey partner, among giants that support this versatile open source software.

Contact us for:

  • Survey consultancy
  • Custom theme development (appearance of your surveys)
  • Limesurvey training (from beginners to masterclasses)
  • Hosting
  • Beautiful reports from your surveys (via R, RMarkdown)
  • WordPress site development

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Responsive LimeSurvey 3 theme

LimeSurvey makes good software for surveys, but they make themes for displaying the surveys that need a lot of love before they look good. That is why we developed our own version of a base template (but still based on LimeSurvey's Vanilla template), so we have more...

5 point smiley question

Sometimes your survey needs something more than just text. Something that evokes a smile. Using a question theme this is possible. Tony Partner, the man behind Partner Surveys, made a 5 point smiley question theme, which can be found here. We made a fork of that,...

Scoring an array in LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey has a powerful way of getting scores from your responses when you use the Expression Script. A colleague researcher wanted to score an array. There are 15 subquestions and 5 answer options. 3 of the 15 subquestions need to be scored reversely. Afterwards a...

Quiz or assessment?

Building a quiz or assessment is not very difficult using LimeSurvey. Please visit our two language quiz based on the questionnaire of Hans Rosling, a famous Swedish professor on public health.You can download this survey (.lss file, prepared in LimeSurvey 3.x) ...

LimeSurvey: more details about your respondents

Surveys are intended to elicit answers from the respondent. But apart from answering questions there are also other ways a survey collects data: Time between sending invitation and starting to answer (when using invitation mechanism of LimeSurvey) Time needed to fill...

LimeSurvey course

In April I gave a LimeSurvey beginners course to a class of experienced survey designers (but not using LimeSurvey) of the Province of Antwerp in Belgium. Due to the Corona virus, I could not visit them, so the 1 day course was cut in three 2-hour online workshops,...


Today the Your Covid-19 Risk website, where you can assess the risk of catching and the risk of transmitting the Covid-19 virus went live on the Netherlands, as the first country in many to come. The application was built by the...

LS Tip: Switching language during survey

Whenever a user switches the language during a survey, (s)he is presented the new language after that. So far, so good. But.... in the results table of LimeSurvey only the startlanguage is stored, not the language that you change to. We ran into this when someone in...

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