Who are we?

Respondage is an organisation that is owned by Tammo ter Hark, who has been working as a supporter for researchers since 2001. Before that, he graduated as an industrial design engineer, with a focus on ergonomics. He worked for TNO, the Dutch organisation for scientific research and started his own business in 2009. He likes to use the aspect of user friendliness on both his customers as well as his applications!

I am proud to work with:

Peter Emil van den Berg

Peter Emil aka pixelliquid – depending on the community you’re in – likes to bent pixels to his will and create effective & awesome visuals for the interactive medium. As a graduate from Filmschool he knows how important it is to tell stories within each medium, be it a site, app or game. When he’s not stuck behind a screen you can find him running around on the beach or dishing out healthy food for his loved ones.

Peter Emil runs Pixelliquid in Haarlem

Jan Ehrhardt

Jan started his career with his MBA of Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) and as a manager in the post academic education, but found out that his heart lies more in developing software. Currently Jan is the infatigable developer of the security and hosting of our applications.

Jan runs his business from the company Tools for Research

Specialties: secure connections, digital surveys, databases, reporting with JQuery and solving puzzles!

Stefan Verweij

Our fellow Limesurvey partner in the Netherlands, owner of Evently and the developer of Zest, a Limesurvey automation and reporting tool that allows you to schedule tasks, notifications and securely share survey data with your clients. Stefan also created Limezap, a tool to connect Limesurvey with Zapier, the automation platform, allowing you to connect Limesurvey to a host of other services.