LimeSurvey makes good software for surveys, but they make themes for displaying the surveys that need a lot of love before they look good. That is why we developed our own version of a base theme (but still based on LimeSurvey’s Vanilla theme), so we have more flexibility for developing custom themes for projects and organisations.

Please note: this improved base theme works well for LimeSurvey 3, but not for LimeSurvey 5. We are working on a new base theme for LimeSurvey 5, with many more features.

If you want to develop your own theme, feel free to use our theme called respondage_plain. We keep developing it. You can download it or use the most recent version from Github.

All input is welcomed.

Interested? We gladly develop a custom theme for you, based on this responsive_plain theme. And in the meantime we keep developing this base theme, so you can benefit from that!